Festetics family

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CountryHabsburg monarchy
Founded15th century
FounderPetar Feštetić
Current headGeorg Festetics

The House of Festetics (singular, not plural) or Feštetić (in Croatian) is the name of a historic noble family which dates back to 15th century and 1566 of Hungarian counts and princes of Croatian origin. A prominent family during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, they are mostly known for the baroque Festetics Palace and the Viennese Prince Tasziló Festetics.

Counts Festetics of Tolna[edit]

On 8 August 1746, Josef and Kristof Festetics (the two sons of the second marriage of Paul Festetics) added de Tolna to their surname (von Tolna in Austria). On 5 November 1766, Josef's eldest son Pal Festetics de Tolna (1725–1782) was made a count by Queen Maria Theresa of Hungary. On 24 February 1772, Kristof's eldest son Pal Festetics de Tolna (1722–1782) was made a count by Queen Maria Theresa of Hungary, who was also Archduchess of Austria and Holy Roman Empress. The title of count was inheritable by all male-line descendants.

Princes Festetics of Tolna[edit]

On 21 June 1911, Count Tassilo Festetics de Tolna (1850–1933) was made a prince (Fürst) with the style Serene Highness (Durchlaucht) by King Francis Joseph I of Hungary. His grandson, prince Georg (born 1940) is the current head of the house and third Fürst.

Dutch nobility incorporation[edit]

In 1973, Count Dénes Festetics de Tolna (1943) was incorporated in the Dutch nobility with the title of count; the title of count(ess) is inheritable by all male-line descendants.

Notable members[edit]

Among the other prominent members of the family are:

Festetics/Feštetić may also refer to:

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