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Vietglish, Vinglish or Vietlish, is an informal term for a mixture of elements from Vietnamese and English.[1]

The term Vietglish is first recorded in 1969. Other colloquial portmanteau words for Vietlish include (chronologically): Vietglish (1992), Vinish (2003), Vinglish (2010) and Vietnamiglish (2016).[2]

This usage is said to be found in immigrant communities in majority-English-speaking countries.[citation needed] Borrowed English words are also commonly used in everyday Vietnamese both inside and outside Vietnam in informal contexts.[citation needed]

Sample Words
Vietglish Vietnamese Header text
You're Xinh Quá/ You're Xinh Bạn thật dễ thương You're Cute (Xinh Quá means so pretty in normal Vietnamese)
You're Xạo Quá Bạn nói dối You're lying

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